Matte Black Emotions

So, I was wanting since the day I added this collection to Philllip&Finnell, I was needing a logo or a symbol something really inviting and also something that makes you standout from the rest while executing this style of clothing, I was thinking of something... androgynous so that it brings in style and emotion not just a design for a male or female. The reason why I bring up emotion a lot with this design is because the wolf is a very important interesting animal to learn, it is said that the wolf is the only animal that seeks for revenge, and it wont waste it's time on practice so anything that's below the wolf the wolf will ignore it, The Wolf can also be a sign of a solo life not many around, that's where the term "lone wolf" comes from, a wolf can be exiled out of the pack leaving the wolf all alone to fend for its self and is force to make it. something a lot of us probably can relate to.

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