Sage Lee The Beginning

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

Sage Lee is Phillip&Finnell's first model, I guess you can say the OG of the brand. Although you might be wondering where did she come from and how was she found? All we know is shes a model for one of the most hottest, trendy clothing company's of our generation. Emerging out of nowhere in the winter of 2015 found by the designer Breahlyn Marquez his self, Sage the Gotham City native has become the face of the Phillip&Finnell clothing brand and life style. Her edge and stunning look with her frost white teeth showing at all times giving her such a stand out look and charterer, Breahlyn Marquez says she fits the look of the company perfectly.

You will be seeing a lot more of her as Sage gets ready to start shooting for Matte Black by Phillip&Finnell, which will go on sale this fall of 2019.

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